12 Dec 2007 (Wednesday): Geneva - Paris

It's the 6th day of our trip. Since morning, we set off and headed for Paris.
  • One point to note: VAT redemption in Switzerland could be processed at the immigration point. Oops, it's not really the immigration point since we need not to show our passport at all!
  • All of us had been mentally prepared that it's going to be a long journey and therefore children were given priority seats. Well, we landed up with first class seats too!
  • It only took us about 30 minutes to reach the border. One interesting fact learnt: Half of the Geneva airport sits on the French ground!

Beaunne, France

  • We made a stop at Beaunne. The intent was to get us to go wine tasting... unfortunately, after all the walk and run (approximately 20 minutes to reach the place), we were informed wine-tasting was only available from 2 pm.
  • Nevertheless, caught some beautiful sights of this little old town - that offered a very different look, compared to Paris! How I wish we had slightly more time to roam around here!
Paris, France
  • We reached Paris at around 4 pm. The sky had started getting dark.
  • From far, we saw the Eiffel Tower, and it started blinking as we drove near! A blinking tower? Something I did not see in my 2 previous visits! It was beautiful!
  • Yes, we made a photo-stop there and of course, everybody's busily clicking their cameras!
  • Oh yes, I shot a video instead - Click at the clip at the side bar to watch (uploaded in YouTube).

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